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Dental Manager 101
Dental Management training Seminar

Why Attend a DMS Seminar Training Course?
Managing a Dental Office Doesn’t Need to be Stressful and Chaotic...

With the right help and dental practice management training you can feel confident, your staff will have confidence in you, and you will have less stress and higher productivity! Join us in this career advancing 4 day seminar from March 27th - March 30th. See course outlines below.

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Course Outline

Day One & Two... (March 27th & 28th)

  • Mastering HR (Human Resources) In a Dental Practice
  • Pay and Incentives
  • Setting and Enforcing Policies
  • Goal Setting – Executive and Staff
  • Leadership Skills
  • Hiring Great Dental Practice Employees
  • Training
  • Implementing Change
  • Office Management Automation
  • Progress Management Techniques
  • Handling Overtime
  • Termination
  • Scheduling
  • Collecting Money

Day Three... (March 29th)

  • Mastering HR (Human Resources) In a Dental Practice

Day Four... (March 30th)

  • Advanced Automation Training – Pre-Work Required

5 Reasons Why A Dental Office Manager Should Take The Management 101 Course From Dental Management Secrets

The Management 101 course offered by the Dental Management Secrets provides dental office managers with the skills, knowledge, and tools to be successful in their role. Taking this course is an excellent way for a dental office manager to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in dental management techniques, as well as to increase their skillset in managing a team of medical professionals. Here are some reasons why a dental office manager should take this course:


  1. Provides Essential Knowledge and Skills

The course covers essential topics such as leadership, team building, project management, problem solving and communication - all necessary for successful management of a dental office. It also provides practical tips and advice on how to create an effective working environment, develop efficient processes and procedures, organize workflows and more. Taking this course gives the dental office manager an opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and sharpen their managerial skills.


  1. Increases Professional Development Opportunities

By taking the Management 101 course offered by Dental Management Secrets, a dental office manager can increase their chances of career advancement. Being knowledgeable about the latest developments in dentistry management will give them an edge over other candidates when applying for promotions or higher salaries. Additionally, they can gain recognition within the dentistry industry for completing a professional development program.


  1. Leads To Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that organizations that invest in training their employees experience increased productivity levels due to improved collaboration between teams and more knowledge sharing amongst individuals. Taking this course will help improve collaboration within the organization by teaching effective communication among team members. As a result, tasks can be completed faster and at greater efficiency than before – ultimately leading to increased productivity for both the individual employee and the organization as a whole.


  1. Cost Effective Solution

The cost of taking this course from Dental Management Secrets is relatively low compared with other options such as hiring expensive consultants or attending seminars that require longer term travel expenses. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to accelerate their career growth without breaking the bank – making it easier for a dental office manager or your practice owner to invest in their professional development without having to worry about costs associated with other methods of learning.

5. Learn From Someone Who Is Actually Doing What They Teach!

Our Management 101 Course is taught by a 15 year veteran in managing a dental office. Craig has managed teams of over 80 staff and 12 Dentists in one office. Learning from Craig is like getting years of experience in just 4 days!


Save The Date: Don't miss the opportunity to register for the next Dental Management 101 course in Las Vegas on March 27, 2023! Take your dental office management skills to the next level and gain the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

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